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Training Program: MS Project

Project Management: Plan, Monitor and Execute your Projects using the MS Project


Course Aims

A practical approach for managing projects through case studies using MS Project. The implementation of projects is an essential activity of every small and large company. The today’s competitive and agile business environment demands the best possible project management efficiency based on professional approaches. A recent European survey showed that the 56% of the European companies consider the existence of a project management methodology and model adapted to the needs of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) extremely important (30%) and very important (26%), [IPEC Project –project-ipec.eu]. This course focuses on the basic principles in project management where at the same time participants learn through how to plan and monitor a project using Microsoft Project. During this practical approach with hands-on case studies, the participants learn in depth how to use MS Project.

18 hours (6 sessions, every Wednesday)
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A. Korai 7, Larnaka
Course Material

Course Objectives

Upon completion the participants will: 

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