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Erasmus+ project 2020-2022 REFRAME


CirculaR Economy strategy FRAMEwork for sustainable SMEs

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The REFRAME project will create a CE Transition Framework specifically for small and medium businesses in construction, manufacturing and crafts industry, to help them become friendlier to the environment. It will provide the EU construction & manufacturing SMEs and micro-enterprises’ employees and future employees with practical knowledge on implementing CE transition in their business.


 A ‘sizable, growing and active’ REFRAME on-line community will be created, with main objective the Up-to-date insight in Circular Economy, the exchange of know-how and good practices among the participants and the successful implementation of a CE transition for all SMEs and mixro-enterprises.


  • Self-Rate Tool: An online, interactive, user-friendly self-rating tool aimed at representatives and experts working in manufacturing, craft and construction SMEs and micro-enterprises to recognise their company’s strengths, their weaknesses and the areas they may need greater focus on.
  • Experts Course: Online training sessions on Circular Economy specialised in construction and manufacturing SMEs and micro-enterprises, adaptable to the needs of each business sector. New skills and competences individuals that will support the CE transition.
  • Implementation Framework: A step-by-step framework for SMEs and micro-enterprises that will show to them how to scale up by understanding, utilising and investing in Circular Economy, how to manage resources more efficiently and be friendlier to the environment.

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