Erasmus+ Project: TWIN 4.0 – Towards twin transition for a more competitive European industry

Project Presentation

Twin transition is seen as a way towards EU recovery – The TWIN 4.0 project is focused on creating a comprehensive training package aimed at equipping manufacturing SMEs’ current and potential (VET students, apprentices, etc.) employees and managers with the necessary knowledge and skills for enabling effective digital-green transition within their current and/or future workplace. The environmental footprint of SMEs in the manufacturing sector is considerably higher compared to SMEs in the service sector.


Twin 4.0 project’s results are:

  1. TWIN 4.0 Environmental impact audit tool: Used by manufacturing SMEs, consultants, and other interested parties to evaluate their ecological impact – current and potential – upon the planning of introducing new (digital/I4.0) technology and after
  2. TWIN 4.0 Transition training course: A comprehensive training package aimed at boosting manufacturing SMEs’ capacity for both digital and green transition of their operations
  3. TWIN 4.0 Transition guidelines for VET providers: Strengthen the capacity of VET providers to offer relevant to the post-pandemic labor market needs education and training services in the field of twin transition.

Target Group

  • Managers/employees/consultants of SMEs

Project Duration

Started: November 2022

Ending: October 2023

European partners