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Erasmus+ project 2021-2023 SENIMA


Social Enterprises Management

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SENIMA will integrate the principles of Social Enterprising and Entrepreneurship leading to more social enterprises, more entrepreneurs, and a better European society. It will result in measurable improvements in the performance of social enterprises. It is expected to make Social Enterprises more effective and efficient thus increasing their chances of longevity which in turn would provide them with a more favorable opportunity to fulfill their mission. 

SENIMA project’s results are:

  1. SENIMA Syllabus: A training syllabus will be developed which will include the core learning essentials for the following topics and will be comprised of four modules
  2. SENIMA e-platform: A platform will be developed to enhance the learning process by integrating the syllabus with tools and other resources to enhance the learning process. The Learning platform will also include applied Cases in an effort to augment the learning and training process.
  3. SENIMA Toolkit and Applied case study: A Toolkit is a collection of authoritative and adaptable resources that can enable a target group to become familiar with an issue and identify approaches for addressing challenges. Applied case learning offers users the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge directly from applied case scenarios. This could provide a great opportunity or stakeholders to test new concepts and provide the foundation for enhanced interaction between them.
  4. SENIMA Certification: The program will offer participants the opportunity to obtain the “SENIMA certification” following an examination of the learning areas of the program SEN/IMA Dissemination Plan (SDP).: To promote and display Project Results. The course of action will be for the consortium to involve bodies like Chambers of Commerce and various professional associations.

Target Groups