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Erasmus+ project 2021-2024 LandSea


Cooperative Partnerships in Adult Education

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The idea of the LandSea project is to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit and the cooperation capacities of local actors, participants in the identity of the territories through the production of local products from land to sea, with the objective of strengthening the capacities of local actors in rural and maritime areas. Indeed, local actors, farmers, fishermen lack the skills to promote these common commercial and territorial approaches. Although their capacities have been strengthened in terms of management, communication and marketing, knowledge is still unevenly shared among stakeholders. However, the need is particularly strong in the face of new consumer demands, especially for new entrepreneurs in the fields of agriculture or fishing, who increasingly base their projects on the promotion of products in short circuits, but do not always have real training content in these fields, which would consolidate their choices professionally.

LANDSEA project’s results are:

  • LandSea Training Program
    The LandSea training program aims to help train adults, actors of the targeted territories, and future “mentors” to strengthen their skills for the valorisation of the products of their territory coming from the land and the sea.
  • LandSea Guide
    The LandSea Guide aims to strengthen the capacities and methods of engagement of our target groups. It will expose the methodology to be adopted, the activities to be carried out, and the different steps to be followed which will lead to the valorization of the products.
  • LandSea e-learning platform
    The LandSea interactive learning platform aims to equip the target group with the skills and competencies developed by the LandSea Project. The platform will be available on a modular structure and will combine all the results of the project. It will contain the training material for the valorisation of land and sea products in an attractive way in 6 languages.

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