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Creativity Lab

PCX successfully implemented the Erasmus+ KA1 mobility project, in collaboration with IDEC S.A., which has extensive experience in European projects as and as partner in various European programs and Initiatives.

The 5-days training program was a Creativity Lab, which provided the participants the proper knowledge and skills to recreate and reorganise the training programs offered by PCX, giving them new, modern ways of presentation. PCX can now use digital tools in order to create new, attractive courses and lessons that can help in increased students’ performance.

What we want to achieve with this training program is to offer our educational services in an innovative and effective way. In addition, we consider it necessary for our clients (individuals, organisations, companies and public institutions) to complete the training programs we provide, having acquired new trends, ideas and ways of thinking that can be applied to their work.

The participants of the training program (in total three (3)) were experienced project co-ordinators and trainers.

Through the training program the participants:

  • acquired knowledge on digital tools that will help them create modern training courses and adapt innovative training methods.
  • can now integrate gamification with teaching;
  • understood the European education policies and related them to their national policies and practices.
  • extended their personal & professional network.
  • worked in a European team;
  • used European concepts, practices and Quality Standards in adult education;
  • exchanged experiences and best practices with other teachers and educators from other European countries
  • met new people, from different working areas and European countries, learned about new cultures, different training approaches that are used in other countries, they extended their personal network and the PCX’s network and last, experienced Greece, its people and also the culture of the host country.
  • acquired a Certificate of completion, Europass Certificate Supplement, Europass Mobility

PCX, as a company:

  • has gained sensitised and further educated staff.
  • has improved its capabilities, the attractiveness of its services and its European dimension.
  • has strengthened its existing co-operation relations with the host organisation.
  • has the potential to attract new customers and to further develop its clientele.
  • has gained the ability to increase the efficiency of its training programmes.