The mission of PCX Management Ltd is to provide continuous support and consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to this, the Company has composed a parcel of products and services.

Web design

Personal & Professional Websites, Computer programs and applications, Training Online Platforms

Business Consulting

Risk Management, Business Continuity, Information Security, and Project Management

PCX Academy

CYBERNET as methology represents the application of high values and beginnings in the daily learning.


PCX Management Ltd with its Educational Centre, CYBERNET Zenon, has placed as its objective the maintenance of avant-garde in the Sector in the Cypriot Market. Such a high objective is achieved only via constituted, intelligent and flexible strategy based in the continuous retroaction, supply, reaction but also innovation in relevant internal and external economic elements of the market.

For the implementation of this strategy, PCX Management Ltd, gives the highest priority in the exploitation of its human potential and collaborators, in its continuous relation with customers, in the continuous upgrade of products and services offered and all these through the prism of the daily and dynamic development of the economic and socio – political environment of the Cypriot Market.

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