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Our vision is the proper education of tomorrow citizens.


Part of the Cybernet Training Center


Cybernet Zenon is the company’s computer training center. It’s part of the Cybernet Training Center the biggest franchise training centers in Cyprus. It is registered and approved as a private educational institution by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus.

Junior Educational Programs

Elementary computer program, which aims to the familiarization with certain significances of mathematics, writing and reasoning as well as the possibility for them to gain with simple and comprehensible way, dexterities of information technology and computers. 

  • Operating system Microsoft Windows
  • Parts of the computer
  • painting and moving motions
  • familiarization with the keyboard and the letters
  • Microsoft Office

Intermediate computer program, which aims for children to come in contact with the programming, to learn fundamental significances, acquire knowledge of information technology in multiple levels but also encyclopaedic technological knowledge with the help of computer. They learn how to surf the world wide web and they make the first contact with the multimedias.

Students of this level can:

  • Work with Microsoft Windows
  • Familiarize with the syllabus and the operating system
  • Participate in the assembly of a personal computer
  • Create their own text with Microsoft Word
  • Improve their keyboard writing speed, by learning the blind typing system
  • Use the printer and the scanner
  • Practice their knowledge in arithmetic and language
  • Come in contact with Logo programming – a programming language specially designed for children
  • Become familiar with computer networks and the advantages of team work
  • Create presentations using multimedias
  • Make their own calculations
  • Create charts with Microsoft Excel using the Internet as a source of information and as a mean of communication with children from all over the world

Our students follow-up programs specifically designed based in their age and cognitive level.

Students of this course:

  • Introduction and deepening of their knowledge of Windows and Office 
  • Design web pages
  • Programmng – introduction in programming with Visual Basic, C++, Html for the design of web pages
  • Make use of Digital photography
  • They get trained on how to assembly a personal computer and how to deal with hardware problems and how to make up the personal computer from scratch.
  • They get prepared for ECDL, ICT Europe and GCE O level / A level

Our Duty

Our duty is the multifaceted education and culture of young people capacities. Central axis in our effort, our love to the new generation and our conviction that investing in the personality and in the faculties of our children we ensure the maintenance of ancient Greek philosophy that was bequeathed in us through the centuries and that supported the course of populations and cultures for millennia.

We all belong to the same family

The key to the successful achievement of our objectives and our vision is the proper organisation, the harmonious collaboration and the consequence in between our members.

Feel with us the force of network

“Network”, that is incarnated at CYBERNET through the significances of human network in the sector of human relations, the significance of world internet, in the sector of technology and finally the commercial networks and strategic alliances in the enterprising sector.

Strategic partners