Competence Management

Manage and support competence requirements

We offer cost effective services for managing and supporting all competence requirements that an organisation may require. Usually a wide-ranging competence shift or a knowledge transfer process represents an important project. Apart from the common project management skills, such a competence project requires particular expertise related to training requirements, students’ preparation, reporting and communication skills etc.

High-performing organisations know that success depends on highly capable people. Using a competency-based approach both the employer and the employee benefit and you can demonstrate to regulators and stakeholders that you have the infrastructure and a clear blueprint for competency management. Such an approach is based on a subjective analysis of your requirements, creating a strong and positive basis for workforce development.

Create a strong basis for workforce development

We can manage all your workforce skills requirements using such an approach, including.

Training is sourced from our extensive, industry focused, quality assured provider network. We can maximize your training budget, by securing the best value for money training provision.

PCX Management is capable and has the required expertise to successfully undertake the competence management role either on a project or on a long-term basis, based on mutually agreed quality and performance indicators.


We typically provide a blended approach of consulting & training and, if appropriate, technology to support your goal of improved project performance. We help our customers to improve their project management maturity, establishing consistent, practical project methodology and establishing PMO functions.

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